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I am currently in the process of planning a series of art workshops for the coming season. If you would be interested in any of the workshops described below, please contact me. Tell me what workshops you would be interested in, and the best times which would work for you. You will be sent an update when they are scheduled.

Figure Drawing for the Painter
3 week seminar

An intensive 36 hour seminar concentrating on drawing techniques related to the painting process.
Additional emphasis on structure and anatomy.

Oil Painting from the Still Life and Figure

This five day workshop will address issues of technique, color, composition, and form.

Working with still life forms in the morning, students will carry the concept of conceived form to the structural understanding of the figure in the afternoon.

Students will complete two paintings; an extended study of a still life and of a live model.

During the course of developing the paintings, we will address the progressive issues of drawing, grissaie, glazing, impasto, color mixing, and color theory.

Water Color from the Still Life
In studio seminar developing wet media techniques with still life forms.

Pleine Aire Landscape Workshop
5 day seminar in the Herman, MO area

Feaux Finishing Techniques
Feaux Finishes